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Favorite Genre:
           Anything I am good at, mostly Strategy/Action
Favorite Game of all time:
           Q-bert, Zelda (series), Worms
Favorite Game now:
           Kicking Your Ass
Looking forward to:
           MORE GAMES (yeah that'd be cool)
If I Were a Video Game Character I'd Be:
           He is Evil
"I'd Rather Be Playing Video Games Than...":
           Being a POW in Vietnam.

Jesse Labrocca

My Life History As It Pertains to Video Games:

Sorry, this page is just not long enough for me to say it all? So, to keep it short...basically, I am a VIDEOGAME GOD!!!

Top 5 favorites:

#1: Blitz 2000
#2: Soul Calibur
#3: Pokemon
#4: Hydro Thunder
#5: Sled Storm

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