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Favorite Genre:
           Wrestling Games, Weird Japanese Games, Sims
Favorite Game of all time:
Favorite Game now:
           Gallop Racer
Looking forward to:
           Resident Evil: Code Veronica
If I Were a Video Game Character I'd Be:
           One word... Ryu!!!
"I'd Rather Be Playing Video Games Than...":
           Listen to that godawful music you kids listen to these days! AND STAY OUTTA MY YARD!

John Cooper

My Life History As It Pertains to Video Games:

I've been playing games since the very fist wave, I drooled over the Fairchild Home System, never had a 2600 but would play my friend's. Went berserk over the NES (They don't make games like Bandit Kings of Ancient China anymore), and my first console was a Genesis. All the while I would spend too much money in arcades (Tiger Road and Race Drivin' were 2 of my favorites). After playing MK2 for oh about 2 weeks I started trashing my MK Sensei. Shortly there after I got a job as a QA tester at Acclaim. Unfortunately, I was there for the tail end of the 16 bit days and had to test NBA Jam and in it's various forms and MK2 for 6 month stretches. My first game I worked on was X-men : COTA by Capcom. I was lead tester on Turok 1, and Bust - a - Move, the puzzle game. QA drives a man mad after too long though, so I quit and I've been playing weird Japanese imports ever since.

Top 5 favorites:

#1: Sold Out - Rock Band Sim
#2: Uncharted Waters
#3: Aerobiz Suersonic
#4: Bandit Kings of Ancient China
#5: Toukon Retsuden 2

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