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Favorite Genre:
Favorite Game of all time:
           Mega Man 1
Favorite Game now:
           Mega Man 1
Looking forward to:
           The next Zelda Sequel
If I Were a Video Game Character I'd Be:
           What can you say, you can't go wrong with Ryu......
"I'd Rather Be Playing Video Games Than...":
           Tippin' over heffers.

Urban Martin

My Life History As It Pertains to Video Games:

I was born playing stuff like Fills and Spills for the Comodore VIC-20 and dreaming of one day running a software library of programs saved on audio cassettes. When I was around 6 I bought an Atari 2600 and mastered such classics as the original Mario Bros. and Fire Truck. Eventually I got a NES and had lots of fun with all of the Mario games, Mega Man, Metroid and others. I kept buying the Nintendo systems, but never played the Sega consoles much. I did own a Game Gear, though, which was the only hand held I ever really went in for. When I finally got my 64, it was just so I could play the new Zelda game, but I ended up getting really into a lot of the other games like Shadows of the Empire, 007, Mystical Ninja, and one of my all-time favorites: Wipeout 64. Now I've got a Dreamcast, which I'm just starting to play with.

Top 5 favorites:

#1: Mega Man
#2: Wipeout 64
#3: Zelda 64
#4: Chuck Rock
#5: Golden Axe

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